Knowing if Your Substance Abuse Treatment is Effective

Every person with an addiction has a different substance of choice that you have abused. While the treatment for each substance is different, there are certain ways to know if your substance abuse treatment in san marcos, tx is effective. Discussed below are those ways.

Principles of effective substance abuse treatments

Significant scientific research on substance abuse treatments was conducted in the 1970s. This research formed the key basis of effective treatment programs. Those principles are defined as follows.

·    Addiction affects a person’s behavior and brain function. It is a complex condition but can be treated.

·    Every individual requires a customized treatment program.

·    People with addictions should have quick access to treatment programs.

·    Effective treatments are not necessarily voluntary.

·    The only first step of substance abuse treatments is medically assisted detoxification.

·    The patient should be closely monitored for drug use during the treatment.

·    Inpatients should have all their needs taken care of. The treatment should not be only focused on their substance abuse but should focus on overall well-being.

·    Treatments should require patients to stay in the program for long periods to avoid relapse.

·    Behavioral therapies, along with counseling, are critical to substance abuse treatment programs.

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·    Behavioral therapies should be combined with medication to alter brain chemistry. They are also important to help the patient slowly recede from substance abuse.

·    Treatment plans should be flexible. They should be customized and altered at different stages of the recovery process.

·    Substance abuse treatments should address the possibility of the patient having other mental disorders.

·    Substance abuse treatments must test patients for hepatitis B and C, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and other infectious diseases. Appropriate steps should be taken for the treatment of the same.


Substance abuse treatments have much more to them than only dealing with substance abuse. They aim at full-body and mind rejuvenation and rehabilitation.